question.jpgCritical Thinking

My knowledge of critical thinking has been influenced by the work of the following:

The Critical Thinking Consortium
The Foundation for Critical Thinking
Howard Rheingold
Deborah Meier
Peter Skillen

Creating a Definition of Critical Thinking:

Add your group's thinking to this google document:

Watch a video. What is critical thinking?

Much of my practical approach to critical thinking comes from the work that I've done with the Ontario Teachers' Federation at their Critical Thinking Conferences where Garfield Gini-Newman was the keynote speaker. Many of his free resources from the Critical Thinking Consortium are shared here.
Here is a recent webinar that Garfield conducted for OTF Connects around Cascading Curriculum.

In particular we'll use these which have been selected from the Ontario Teachers' Federation Site in the Critical Thinking Section.

Critical Challenges - Available for free on the TC2 website

They are available directly here:

Primary - Powerful Questions
Junior/Intermediate - How 'globalized' are our lives?
Secondary - Should it stay or go?

Sample critical thinking tasks

Thoughtful Books for Primary: I love these! Free also on the TC2 Website

What is the relationship between critical thinking and higher order thinking skills? This article gives us something to think about!

Rethinking Thinking: Does Bloom's Taxonomy Align with Brain Science? by Dr. Spencer Kagan

This is an interesting TED Talk by Noreena Hertz that suggests we might want to question what experts tell us!

Media Literacy Resources:

We'll also use the Media Literacy Resources from my Media Literacy Page on this wikispace.