Working with Students?

Here is a skills checklist you might want to use to help them learn the software:
Inspiration Skills Checklist for Inspiration.pdf
Smart Ideas Skills Checklist - Smart Ideas.pdf

Web Resources for Graphic Organizers

Inspiration 8.IE (you'll need Inspiration to view these files)

Newspaper Report.isf Great template for news reports (practice for OSSLT)
Hamburger Model.isf Template for paragraph writing using the hamburger model
primary interest survey.isf Great template to get to know your students and teach basic Inspiration skills
sticky fingers.isf Novel Study - Sticky Fingers by Meredith Costain
Mummification Process.isf Great links and notes for research projects
Prediction or Inference.isf Make predictions before reading and then confirm or reject predictions
Inferring Non-Fiction Text.isf Making inferences using non-fiction text
Colour Four Square Planner with pics.isf 4-square graphic organizer
BW Four Square Planner with pics and notes.isf Black and white 4 square organizer with words and pictures
BW Four Square Math Prob#1E.isf Math 4-square graphic organizer
primary literacy ladder.isf Primary Literacy Ladder
Junior Literacy Ladder.isf Junior Literacy Ladder
Intermediate Literacy Ladders.isf Intermediate Literacy Ladder
Lab Report - Science.isf Lab report
Opinion Writing.isf Graphic organizer to help scaffold opinion writing
Love You Forever.isf Primary Making Connections - you will need to link your sound file
Persuasive Essay.isf Persuasive Essay - Intermediate/Senior
Recount.isf Basic Recount
Main Idea with summary.isf Main Idea for Reading
Main Idea - four square.isf
Map of Canada - Provinces.isf
Map of Canada - Capitals .isf

Smart Ideas 5 (you'll need Smart Ideas to view these files)

Newspaper Report.ipr Great template for news reports (practice for OSSLT)
geography of earth.ipr Geography of Earth concept map
Frayer Model .ipr
mammals[1].ipr Primary students study mammals
mystery writing.notebook Template for 5 W's and mystery writing (inference - what's happening in the picture?)
Summary 5 w's.ipr
Course Notes.ipr