Mark shows us how to copy files using the Kyocera photocopier to use with Kurzweil

Helpful Links for Special Education

The Teachable Project
Livebinders - ASD
EdTech Solutions Blog - Teaching Every Student
Association for Special Education Technology
Peter Pappas great blog: Copy and Paste
Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
Special Education Technology - British Columbia
The CNIB Library offers more than 80,000 titles in audio, e-text, braille and e-braille for all ages and interests. Visit to see what we have for your students. This program is available free of charge thanks to funding from the provincial government of Ontario. All that’s required to register is a public library card.
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Bite-sized tutorials to help with Kurzweil:

Self-directed Learning Course about Kurzweil from SETBC
How to easily customize the Kurzweil toolbars:
How to remember the zoom and how to save page ranges in larger documents in order to use split screen
How to make an audio file from a KESI text for listening from an ipod. Making Audio Files in Kurzweil.wmv

Please check the OSAPAC page for information about Co-Writer, Write Outloud, Dragon Naturally Speaking and WordQ
How to Zone Edit in Kurzweil 3000:

Kurzweil Resources:

Kurzweil scanned books at Terry James

NEW!!! Alternative Education Resources for Ontario

Skills Checklist for Kurzweil Skills Checklist for Kurzweil.pdf
Skills Checklist for WordQ Skills Checklist for WordQ.pdf

Teacher Tips:

  • use Kurzweil as a talking word processor (click 'new', 'text file')

  • add sticky notes to a document to add connections, make inferences, and ask questions while reading
  • use highlighting tools to mark up text and then extract that texts for note-taking
  • students can add voice files to insert their answers into text
  • teachers can add voice files to add prompts or reminders
  • split the screen vertically to allow reading on one side, typing on the other
  • use the word prediction feature when writing
  • use the train feature make vocabulary from a text appear in the word prediction
  • use extract audio files to make an mp3 version of a kesi file to listen to
    'on the go' with an mp3 player

CASI Assessments

Our schools all have the CASI books and here are the stories and questions already scanned.
Do not try to open these from here! Save them to your computer first, and make sure that the file extension (the end of the file name) is .kes not .doc

Grade 3:

A Mouse in the House_3.kes
Ques_A Mouse in the House.kes
BunkBed Blues_3.kes
Ques_Bunk-Bed Blues.kes
Bursting With Soapy Fun_3.kes
Ques_Bursting with Soapy Fun.kes
Coyote Gets His Tail_3.kes
Ques_Coyote gets his Tail.kes
Fly Like a Bird_3.kes
Ques_Fly Like a Bird.kes
Happy Birthday Mrs. Boedecker_3.kes
Ques_Happy birthday Mrs. Boedecker.kes
Just One Thing_3.kes
Ques_Just One thing.kes
Kid Zone Pioneer Life_3.kes
Ques_Pioneer Life Questions.kes
Sock Gobbler_3.kes
Ques_The Sock Gobbler.kes
Sounds in Space_3.kes
Ques_Sounds in Space.kes

Grade 4:

Fossils Big and Small_4.kes
Ques_Fossils Big and Small.kes
Growing Up_4.kes
Ques_Growing Up.kes
Day Gogo Went to Vote_4.kes
Ques_The day Gogo went to Vote.kes
Joes Junk_4.kes
Ques_Joe's Junk.kes
Meet a Model Scientist_4.kes
Ques_Meet a Model Scientist.kes
Tell Me About It_4.kes
Ques_Tell me about it.kes
Trial of the Stone_4.kes
Ques_The Trial of the Stone.kes
Camel Dances_4.kes
Ques_The Camel Dances.kes

Grade 5:

Albert Einstein_5.kes
Ques_Albert Einstein.kes
Birds Grounded_5.kes
Ques_Birds Grounded.kes
Elizabeths Wish_5.kes
Ques_Elizabeth's Wish.kes
Granpa is Missing on the Mars Tranship_5.kes
Ques_Granpa is Missing.kes
Island that Took Care_5.kes
Ques_The Island that took care of itself.kes
Shonar Arches_5.kes
Ques_Shonar Arches.kes
The Living Town_5.kes
Ques_The Living Town.kes
Where Black Meets White_5.kes
Ques_Where Black meets White.kes
Why the Sky is Far Away_5.kes
Ques_Why The Sky Is Far Away.kes
CASI5 - Wild Horses of Sable Island.kes
Ques_Wild Horses of Sable Island.kes

Grade 6:

Building for the Environment_6.kes
Ques_Building for the Environment.kes
History of Numbers_6.kes
Ques_The History of Numbers.kes
Letter From The Future_6.kes
Ques_Letter from the Future.kes
Morning Girl_6.kes
Ques_Morning Girl.kes
Owls in the Family_6.kes
Ques_Owls in the family.kes
Peacocks and Bandaids_6.kes
Ques_Peacocks and Bandaids.kes
The Gift of a Microscope_6.kes
Ques_The Gift of a Microscope.kes
The Visitor_6.kes
Ques_The Visitor.kes
Tomb Decorations_6.kes
Ques_Tomb Decorations.kes
Trash Attack_6.kes
Ques_Trash Attack!.kes

Grade 7: Story and Question Pages included in each file

Story and Questions
CASI_7 - A Wish Named Arnold.kes
CASI_7 - Back to School.kes
CASI_7 - Duncan's Way.kes
CASI_7 - Ice Capades in Antarctica.kes
CASI_7 - Papa's Parrot.kes
CASI_7 - Paper.kes
CASI_7 - Rats The Folklore and the Facts.kes
CASI_7 - Stray.kes
CASI_7 - Students Get the Message.kes
CASI_7 - The Polar Bear Express.kes

Grade 8: Story and Question pages included in each file

Story and Questions
CASI_8 - Homemade Sound Effects.kes
CASI_8 - Interview with the Potato.kes
CASI_8 - Jean Little - Mine for Keeps.kes
CASI_8 - Retired.kes
CASI_8 - Shells.kes
CASI_8 - Spirit of the West.kes
CASI_8 - Tennis Champion.kes
CASI_8 - The Tunnel.kes
CASI_8 Should Uniforms be Mandatory in Public Schools.kes

Danas by Alphasmart

A Dana is a hand-held device with the comfort and easy access of a full-size keyboard. It does basic word processing functions and has the features of a Palm software so that individual students can use the calendar and note features for personal productivity.

Most schools are using the Dana as a portable laptop that allows students to be mobile for word-processing and then to send their stories to desktop computers using a usb cable to continue with editing and formatting of their documents. You can import files from the Dana to Kurzweil, Write Outloud, or Clicker 5 in order to get some voice assistance to help student with editing.

Here are some documents that will help you get started with a DANA:

Dana User Guide.pdf
Dana Training notes.rtf
Two button turn on.pdf
Beam me up Scottie!.doc
Slow keys and Sticky Keys.pdf
Moving Files from the Computer to the Dana 2.pdf
Moving Files from the Dana to the Computer.pdf