QR Codes - Quick Response Codes

In a nutshell, QR codes link digital content with an image that is scannable with software on smartphones or in some cases even with a camera.

As always, CommonCraft explains it really well! QR Codes

How might we use them in the classroom?
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  • place-based tours around the school or community linked to student research
  • scavenger hunts for new students
  • augmenting community and school surrounding using QR - for instance showing how the flowers were seeded next to a fully grown flower
  • book reviews/talks that could be attached at the back of books
  • links to student-created video, podcasts, PSAs, newsletter,
  • links to websites
  • links to tutorials or screencasts that explain instructions
  • show exemplars
  • link to websites on a research wall
  • differentiate strategies for students
  • letting students share their own created content using QR

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QR Code Generators:


QR Code Readers:

Red Laser
Barcode Scanner for iphone
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