NEED A SMARTBOARD CODE? You need to find the serial number on any smartboard in your school, and then you can click here to follow the directions to download Notebook 11. You'll enter your SB number and then be issued a NB serial number by email that will allow you to download the software.

Smartboard Presentations:

Advancing Your Smartboard Use - Jan. 20, 2011 - ETFO Guelph - thinking about instructional strategies
ETFO Jan20.notebook

NEW To Smartboards?

Here is a notebook file that will take you through the basics of getting started!

From OSSTF Occasional Teacher PD Session Oct. 20, 2010 Beginner Smartboard session - osstf.notebook

Waterloo Region DSB - Smartboards in the Classroom May 15, 2010.
Note: My notebook files were too big for this wiki so I've posted them on my website here under presentations:
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Smartboard Tips and Tricks


Two YouTube searches will provide you with lots of help: Search 'smartboard training' and 'smartboard tutorials'
How to set up your Smartboard
How to get pdfs or documents into notebook files
Sometimes parts of the board go 'dead' and you need to reorient with 20 points. Here's how in paper form: orient.pdf a movie to see how to change the orientation settings.

Problems with clicking and dragging on Windows 7? Fix it here:

How to use the 'Balloon Pop' from the Gallery Tools Two minute tutorials about Smartboard features Live online training available from Smarttech

Christmas Songs File Christmas songs.notebook
Smart Technologies
NEW!! New features of Notebook 10
NEW!!** Smart Notebook 10 User Guide.pdf
Keeping it Clean Tips for removing stubborn stains like permanent marker

creating pull tabs.notebook This little file explains how to make pull tabs
Seeing strange flashing lights? Check out this sheet

Online Resources

Math Nook
Ambelside Primary Teacher Resources
Smartboards Page on comprehensive ICT Website
French Smartboard Lessons
Templates for the Smartboard
Games in the Classroom - A variety of templates for playing games in the classroom
Notebook Files about Thanksgiving
Interactive Primary Games - also really good or ELL learners
Interactive Whiteboard Lessons for Math
Smartboard Lessons for Math
A site that is helpful for simulations for use with students with Developmental Disabilities
Check this out for digital books for children in many different languages
Fabulous resource for Special Needs students or primary Check resources section.
Literacy Activities and More!
Online tutorials for how to use smartboards
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Annette Lamb's Eduspaces
Intel Thinking Tools
NRich Maths
Whiteboard Resources
Teachers Love Smartboards
PD To Go
Assistive Technology Blog
UK Resources for Whiteboards
Teaching with Smartboard Podcast
Ten Ways to Get Started with a Smartboard
Using IWB in Your Classroom
Teaching With Smartboard
Not just smartboards but literacy/web related activities at this great website:
Good Overall Smartboard site - (NB a few broken links)

Notebook Lessons (J/I/S)


Great Bubble Gum Media Literacy Lessons for Primary from GEDSB and @dougpete Bubble Gum Media Literacy Unit.notebook
Anchor Charts livelessonanchorchartforrecount.notebook
Mystery Writing - Inferencing Mystery Writing (Inference).notebook
Making Connections making connections.notebook
Point of View point of view.notebook
Essay Writing essay lesson.notebook
Qchart Lessons Q chart Pink Shirt .notebook
Chick-A-Boom (Primary) chickachicka.notebook
Anticipation Guide Template for pre-reading anticipation guide.notebook
How to Use a Thesaurus HowToUseAThesaurus1US.notebook
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes Tension and Characterization.notebook
Creating and analyzing news reports newsreport.notebook
Calendar Activities for Primary sept 08 primary calendar.notebook
Answer Sandwich - Writing Effective Answers answer sandwich.notebook
Synthesizing Synthesizing.notebook
Media Literacy Grade 7/8 Media Literacy Lesson Study gr8.notebook


Science (Primary) FrogLifeCycleOrderUS(41).notebook
Deserts desertsUS.notebook
Earth Day earthday.notebook
Jeopardy Game Template (can be modified for other grades/subjects) Jeopardy (10Chemistry).notebook


Area of a Square AreaOfASquareUS.notebook
3-D Geometry Links 3D Geometry.notebook
Angles angles - grade 6.notebook
Trent Math Education Research Collaborative


Focus on Film is a fantastic resource for Smartboard history lessons. You'll find them under whiteboard resouces. The lessons have embedded video and are too large to post here.


Music lesson music.notebook