What's all the fuss about Twitter?

@MKGoindi and @brendasherry have provided some links for you if you are interested in getting started with twitter, a great place to learn...your Online Personal Learning Network (PLN). As Mary-Kay says, it's like having a huge staff room of passionate educators with whom to chat about issues that are important to YOU!

We'll start here with a slideshow we found from one of the members of our twitter PLN, David Griner.

Peter LeBlanc (@LeBlancPeter) shares his course work about the power of twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.39.04 AM.png

If you'd like to learn more....

Everything you'd want to know about Twitter from Kathy Schrock http://www.schrockguide.net/twitter-for-teachers.html
PLP Networks Tips for Twitter:

A good video about how a college teacher is using twitter and what she thinks about it
Find some teachers to follow
For pure FUN - the twitter parade (make sure your sound is on!)
Lots of resources about twitter in one place
Twitter Life Cycle Graphic
Informative but a little business oriented
Spreadsheet of Twitter Teachers
Blog: Once a Teacher... (A Teacher's Guide to Twitter...)
Romeo and Juliet make it to the twittersphere!
9 Great Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Twitter
If You Give a Teacher Twitter (Prezi ALERT!!!)
Twitter Tutorial
How to Start Twittertwitter_addict.jpg

A word of caution....twitter CAN become a bit addictive, so don't forget...life AND learning is all about balance! :)