How to embed video (or voicethread, fotobabbles, audioboos) into Google Sites


Copyright Issues and YouTube


How to download a YouTube video to use in your classroom lessons:


Correcting with Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Correcting.wmv

How to make a VoiceThread


More about VoiceThread here

How to Create Multiple Identities in VoiceThread



Check out the Free Webinars and Archives offered from OTF Connects!


Digital Citizenship: The Safe, Legal and Ethical Use of Technology

Susan Watt, a Technology Support Teacher from Waterloo Region DSB shares her knowledge and expertise about the kinds of knowledge students and parents need to be responsible digital citizens in the 21st Century.

Learn 360

Join Michelle Campbell (Supervisor of Central Library Services from the Terry James Resource Centre) for a walk through our new video streaming resource called Learn 360 (sorry my introduction of Michelle got cut off at the beginning)

How to download youtube videos to your computer and why would you want to use them in the classroom?


A Bit about Wikis: What are they? What are some good resources to get you started?


Barbara McLaughlin from OCDSB shares a new OSAPAC called Comic Life!

An amazing tool for all grade levels, all subject areas! Check it out here: http://aconnect.ugdsb.on.ca/p45164008

Listen to an engaging presentation called Motivating Boy Writers by Kent Manning from Hastings Prince Edward DSB.

Kent shares his work in using technology to engage and motivate boys in non-fiction writing.
You'll hear the webinar archive here: http://aconnect.ugdsb.on.ca/p82387730/
Kent has listed his resources for us here: http://motivatingboywriters.blogspot.com/2009/05/adobe-connect-webinar-upper-grand-dsb.html

Diigo and Collaborative Annotation

Peter Skillen from the YMCA Academy in Toronto talks about a web 2.0 tool call Diigo, scaffolding writing, and collaborative online annotation.
Listen to the Webinar here: http://aconnect.ugdsb.on.ca/p26852177/
Peter's list of writing scaffolds Diigo Webinar with Peter .pdf
If your students are under 14 and you are interested in a protected teacher account check out these resources: