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What is a VoiceThread? It's a group conversation around documents, images and videos.
Here's how you make one! You can view it below or go to this link: http://www.screencast.com/t/KOuWgTwm2

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Here's an example of a VoiceThread with Kevin Jarrett, a teacher from New Jersey!
View it with audio on Voicethread

VoiceThread Resources

http://voicethreadeducation.wikispaces.com/ Jaclyn Calder's Amazing How-To's about Voicethread
NCS-Tech! A great place to start is Kevin Jarrett’s Site (Technology Teacher from New Jersey)
voicethread4education.wikispaces.com A wiki that has lots of information about Voice Thread
digitallyspeaking.pbworks.com/Voicethread Digitally Speaking wiki with a VoiceThread Section
http://voicethread.ning.com/ The VoiceThread People have set up a Ning (social networking site) for educators interested in using VT in their classrooms
Students demonstrating Doodling in VT http://youtu.be/Uwprovw7xEY
A great blog post by Aaron Puley of HWDHS about how teachers can use Voicethread in Literacy
Jaclyn Calder's Minds on Media Centre about Voicethread http://otf-july2011-mindsonmedia.wikispaces.com/Express+Yourself+-+Voicethread
http://itwithvt.webs.com/ Getting started with VT
Voicethread in Learning http://voicethread.wistia.com/m/gG4bem
Rubric, VT Feedback, Student Projects.doc
Mathcasts with Voicethread http://math247.pbworks.com/w/page/20517498/FrontPage