I have an iPad...where do I start?

If you are new to ipads you should read this article about how to get started!

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Have a brand new iPad?

Here is a great tutorial for the absolute beginner:

Wanting to make sure that you focus on pedagogy before the tool?
Here's a great visual that blends TPACK and Bloom's technology to start with learning goals and then follow with choosing the tool:

iPads and iPods For Learning

Getting Apps for free is sometimes possible if you watch out for sales: http://appshopper.com/

Helpful Links:

The Wonderful, Amazing Kathy Schrock has awesome iPad (and other things) resources.

iPads As.....From edtechteacher.org - Great suggestions of apps based on activity types


Tony Vincent shares how he uses mobile technology to help with Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning in Hand from Tony Vincent on Vimeo.

iPad Tutorial for iMovie App - Version 2014

iPad Tutorials for iMovie App - older versions


UGDSB Pilot Project for iPads

We are some educators exploring the use of iPads with Resource classes, DD classes and with students with communication needs and we have been exploring the following question:

How can iPads help students work with content and demonstrate their learning?
We are thinking about:
  1. Built in functionality that helps diverse learners
  2. Access to content in different modes or in easier ways
  3. Output of student created content and demonstrations of learning

Here is a link to the document we have compiled this year.

My Favourite Primary Apps

Let's start with watching this short video about an iPad lesson. What do you notice about how the students are using the iPads?
You'll find it here or below:
Writer's Workshop poetry lesson with the iPad from Burley School Technology Program on Vimeo.

My favourite apps for primary are: My Story and Explain Everything.

As you explore the apps, think about:
  • What skills and knowledge do the students need to be successful with each app?
  • What kinds of learning activities would these apps enhance?
  • What kinds of challenges might the students encounter?
  • How might these apps help you focus on the kinds of literacy goals that you already work on in your classroom?
  • What might these apps allow you to do differently?

My Story - This app allows student to create books and to read them later.

Explain Everything - This app allows students to create presentations and movies using pictures, videos, audio recordings, annotation and text.

Here is an example of a presentation primary students made with Explain Everything

Here's what you need to know to get started with Explain Everything

Some junior students sharing how they use Explain Everything in the classroom
(made with Explain Everything of course!)