Assessment Tools for Student Projects

One of the biggest aha's I've had over the last few years is to keep the focus on the learning goals, rather than the technology. The form of the technology used (blogs, twitter, websites) might have some unique features that you'll want to include, but that should be one element of the rubric with the others focused on our goals such as ideas, content, organization, voice etc.

I often start with Kathy Schrock's excellent page on Assessment and Rubrics and build from there!

Summer Institute 2012 - How Can Technology Help With Assessment?

One of the best ways to use technology is for assessment. Students can demonstrate their learning using technology, and teachers can collect all kinds of evidence of student learning using technology.

During Summer Institute we'll look at many features of technology applications that allow for differentiation and productive ways to archive learning. This session will focus on the power of technology to make your assessments more accessible to all students. We'll explore Frames 4, Pixie 3, Voicethread, Livescribe Pens and a variety of iPad/ipod apps that promote content creation.

Here is a with resources for the workshop as well as slides for the Running Records portion of the workshop below: